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If you are a legally appointed Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant than you are already aware of your responsibilities to take part in yearly Ongoing Professional Development Training. This includes five hours of training in such courses as are approved by the Australian Attorney General.

The subject matter of the courses are varied and are offered, all over Australia, in a face-to-face learning environment, on-line or by print-based distance education. 

If you are one of those people who are hoping to become a legally appointed Civil Marriage Celebrant, than you should know that the are number of requirements you must satisfy. Firstly, you must take certain training courses to prove your efficiency for the role of Civil Marriage Celebrant. Secondly, there are certain requirements concerning your general character as a citizen.

Although Civil Marriage Celebrants are appointed to perform legal marriages in Australia, they are also often asked to perform other ceremonies that have no legal requirements. These include Naming Ceremonies for babies, Renewal of Wedding Vows for couples celebrating a Wedding Anniversary or just happy marriage, Commitment Vows for the couple ready to make a commitment, but not quite ready to get married. Other ceremonies that a Marriage Celebrant may be asked to perform includes funerals, divorce, separation, house-warming and many others.

While only a legally appointed Civil Marriage Celebrant can perform wedding ceremonies, other ceremonies can be performed by Trainee or an Aspiring Celebrant. 

Whether you're a professional Civil Marriage Celebrant, or hoping one day to be one, or simply a person who's been asked to take the role of a Celebrant on a particular event, this website has all the information you need to help you on the way.



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20 Complete Wedding Ceremonies - PDF and Word Document

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